Last night my husband came home from the boxing gym (I’m enjoying a relaxing week off due to burnout) and told me about how we recently had a young man join our gym after a disappointing experience with another club.  He was entered into his first fight on a card and was matched up with a contender 14lbs heavier.  None of the coaches said anything and the official in charge aloud this to take place (There is suppose to be no more then 7lbs weight difference).  Regardless to say this young man was beaten and knocked out… for his very first fight!  This didn’t happen because he was ill experiences – as a novice can go, but because the ones “in charge” made poor and unsafe decisions.  Because of their lack of concern for safety this young mans impression of the sport was immediately bad, and any chance of him experiencing a fun, exciting first bout was lost on the unfairness of the match up and the disregard for the rules.

So when did this sport stop being fun?  I seriously pondered this last night with Dave.  Because I remember a time when I actually was enjoying and having fun participating in this sport. (Now, if you’re currently sitting there saying “well quit complaining Jaime and stop boxing” then maybe you should reread this post, because you’re totally missing the point!) Seriously thought, I think there were a number of years when this sport was alot of fun for me.  I enjoyed going to shows, seeing all the people involved and getting in the ring to fight and win.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love to compete.  However now my biggest concern isn’t ‘am I going to win’, it’s ‘am I going to get robbed’ because those who are the decision makes may not “like” me.  My biggest fear is that I won’t be judged fairly in provincial competition because someone wanted to “teach me a lesson”. And we’ve all seen it before.  Most of us who have fought have been given an unfair decision, but lately I’ve seen more and more decisions made on the bias feeling and rules conformed to suit the “rule makers”.

It truthfully makes me question my involvement in this amateur sport.  On many occasions I’ve stated that I’m “going pro”, or even considered joining a different association (I think I’d kick ass in MMA ;-) ).  But then I have to ask myself, what about my dreams?  What about my goals for 2012.  Haven’t I always said I’m going to work as hard as I can and get as close as I can to going to the Olympics in 2012, and then go pro for a year and then settle down.  So do I toss that all away because this sport has now become mainly about the politics and the unfair rules or do I bite down, play my part and do my best, even when I feel hopelessness and emptiness is in store for this sport.

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