This is how I’m currently eating. It’s tapered to summer foods like berries and salads, which I love. I’ve also switched around my complex carbs (rice, pasta, oatmeal). I’m really enjoying this diet, even though it’s fairly consistent through the week. I try to give myself a 40:40:20 (protein: carbs: fats) split to help me build muscle and give me lots of energy. I usually end up eating about 47% protein with is just fine with me. You will want to eat at least the same amount of protein in grams as your body weight in lbs or more (+30 – 40g). So if you’re 130lbs you’ll want to eat at least 130g of protein a day up to 170g. I eat over 160g of protein because I’m so active (so if you’re a boxer or athlete this may be wise for you to do as well).

Feel free to substatue items on the list each day. If you have any questions you can email me at

Meat / Protein Fats Starchy Carbs Fibrous Carbs (fruits and veggies)
120g chicken breast120g ground turkey breast

100g shrimp, prawns or scallops

100g salmon, halibut, cod

1tbs Natural Peanut Butter1tbs Almond Butter

1tbs Coconut oil (I cook with this instead of canola oil or use it on salads with balsamic vinegar instead of dressing)

1tbs olive oil (for cooking)

1/4c of nuts (not salted)

1/3c Oats2 brown rice cakes

1/4c brown rice

1/4c whole wheat couscous

1/4c whole wheat pasta

50g potato

50g sweet potato

1c berries – any kind1 piece of fruit – apple, banana, orange, etc…

2c salad

1c veggies – peppers, beans, asparagus, peas, carrots, etc…

Oatmeal pancakes and egg whites:
1/3c oats – this is your starchy carb
Bananas – this is your fibrous carb
1c egg whites (I use 1/3c for the pancakes and the rest to eat) – Protein
Coffee (or tea or water)
1tbs Natural Peanut butter (to spead on top) – Fat
Protein Smoothie:
1c Milk, nonfat – Protein
1 scoop Protein Powder – Protein
Peaches, raw – fibrous carb
1tsp cinimon
120g Skinless Chicken Breast – Protein
2c Spinach, raw fibrous carb
2tbs Bolthouse Honey Mustard Dressing (any Bolthouse dressing is low in fat and cals and really tasty) – Fat
1 tbs Honey – starchy carb
2tbs Natural Peanut butter – Fat
2 rice cakes, brown rice – starchy carb
1/2c Cheese, cottage, non-fat – Protein
1/4c Blueberries – fibrous carb
1/4c raspberries – fibrous carb
100g shrimp – Protein
1/2c snap peas – fibrous carb
1/2c red or yellow peppers – fibrous carb
1tbs low sodium soy sauce
1/4c multigrain couscouse or brown rice – starchy carb
1/4c blueberries – fibrous carb
1/4c raspberries – fibrous carb
Fat Free Greek Yogurt (Liberte is what I get) – Protein
About 1400 Calories | 27g Fat | 160g Proteine | 130g Carbs

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