Depending on the level of sponsorship (Gold, Silver, or Bronze), the corporate benefits to you and your staff, can be significant.

  • Become a part of this rising star athlete’s future by sponsoring any amount, in kind, or in cash to assist her with winning a place in Canada’s “Good” news
  • Increased Good Will recognition for your company and staff
  • Have your company and Brand featured in multi-media platforms nationally and internationally
  • Be exposed to thousands of athletes, and industry professionals through television, news and event exposure both nationally and internationally
  • Be a pioneer in supporting a women’s newly recognized competitive sport
  • Benefit from being associated with the authentic, integral and motivating demeanor of Jaime Ward
  • Create staff motivation opportunities by enlisting Jaime, or one of her team members to speak to them on setting and achieving personal goals…no matter what
  • Benefit from seeing determination, commitment, drive, passion, and dedication in action
  • Make a difference in a young woman’s life and in those who aspire to be like her
  • Be associated with a charity that benefits sports for young women.

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