My physio once said to me “It isn’t the best athletes that make it to all these big competitions, like the Olympics. It’s the athlete’s who aren’t injured.” Well man, am I ever hearing that! I’ve always thought of myself as a walking accident, but for some reason I can pull it off in the… Read More

I have spent the last three years of my boxing career being ONLY accountable to myself. Now, I’m not saying this isn’t a good thing, because it really is! I am pretty strong willed and I can push myself pretty hard and be pretty strict with myself. I’ve got way to much drive and I’m… Read More

Last night my husband came home from the boxing gym (I’m enjoying a relaxing week off due to burnout) and told me about how we recently had a young man join our gym after a disappointing experience with another club.  He was entered into his first fight on a card and was matched up with… Read More

I often get asked how I got involved in boxing.  It’s a valid question considering no one in my family boxed and non of my friends participated in the sport.  I kind of fell into boxing when I lived in Calgary.  I moved to Calgary in 2003 for school.  I was attending Alberta College of… Read More