I got this from my trainer and I just tried it yesterday. The general consensus was that it needed to be sweeter, so I’ve adjusted the recipe below to include more splenda (I only used 2tbs). However my entire audience ate it up. I did in fact come up with a crust too that is… Read More

I was really attracted to this post by Michael Boyle as he talks alot about using agility ladder training, which is one thing I’ve used often to improve my footwork for boxing.  I also found his take on “foot speed” and “leg strength” really interesting.  He comments that “fast feet don’t use the ground well… Read More

So I’ve fallen in love with this trainer from Arizona, Bret Contreras.  He’s known as the “Glute Guy” as he’s has great success in training people and is know for his “ass development”.  He works mainly in sports conditioning, training athletes.  He’s also an avid blogger and has a huge following of readers, one of… Read More