Yesterday I posted our first half of the training camp, and left off with me getting hit in the face, with Mickey’s head…

Day 2 cont…

4pm – Sam and I returned to our hotel room tired but pumped.  Sam was extremely excited to be sparring this new young lady and I was pleased with my performance in the ring.  However once we ate and hit the bed for a nap we were both out cold.  When I woke up at 5:30pm I was horrified to discover that my sore nose had turned blue and was very swollen.  I started pacing around the room swearing and worried.  We still had another sparring session this evening and then another tomorrow, how would my nose hold up.  It honestly crossed my mind to just quit right then and there.

6pm – I finally got my nerves together and we made our way back over to the gym.  Upon arriving Mickey was not pleased about my nose and suggested / insisted I wear his super-sized, extra padding, with the huge cheek protectors, can’t see a thing, headgear.  To say I was pleased about this was a huge understatement.

Little surprise, this sparring session was definitely Peggy’s.  By the end of the evening I had nothing left in my legs, and I lost my focus because I let my situation get the better of me.  By the end of it all I just stood there, covering up and tried to survive.  After it was over Mickey and I had a good talk, “What are you doing?” He asked.  “I know how tired you are, but you need to use your strengths and skills” (which is my reach and moment) “because getting caught in a brawl just won’t go your way.”

Yes, this is way to true.  Tomorrow will be better… I hope!

Then it was Sam’s turn to spar against Meghan, a 15 year old girl who was about 3″ taller than Sam.  The girls were tentative at first, but by the 4th round they were both putting in their all.  Sam struggled with the height, but Peggy helped her devise a plan that would allow her to get on the inside and work.

7:30pm – We headed over to Mickey’s for chicken and salad and potatoes.  Meghan joined us and she and Sam bonded immediately.  It’s a funny thing about boxers; you get into a ring, try and hit each other and then are best buds after.  Peggy is probably my closest friends in boxing and is quickly become one of my closest friends period!  By 8:30pm both Sam and I were falling asleep at the kitchen table so we headed back to the hotel for a hot tub and bed!

Day 3

7:30am – Up early again for sprints.  Surprisingly we didn’t hurt as much as we expected, however once we started our sprints I think all 3 of us realized our legs didn’t work.  Truthfully it was Sam who found her legs and was now pushing past me!  Ha, beat by a 12 year old… again!  She beats me at burpees all the time!

After our sprints we went back to the hotel for some breakfast and to pack and get ready for sparring and our long drive home.

10am – This morning I think all 3 of us were on fire!  Sam was tight and aggressive in her sparring, both Peg and I were using our strengths and pushing each other, it was awesome!  I’m not quite sure how we were all able to pull off the energy to perform so well, but it was definitely encouraging.

After sparring Sam and I headed back to the hotel, pack up the rest of our things.  We drove down to Boston Pizza to meet the rest of the gang for lunch and then goodbyes.  It was then back to Vancouver.

All in all I realized that I can actually afford to take my training up a notch.  I never fully knew what my body was capable of, but now that I do I’ll be making some adjustments in my training.  This was a great experience for both Sam and I.  Even though it was non-stop work we both had a blast and I honestly can’t wait for the next one!

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