So this weekend Sam and I headed out to Salmon Arm to do a training camp with professional boxer, and my favorite female boxer and friend, Peggy Maerz. It’s been a hell of a weekend so far and I can truly say that I’ve never actually worked this hard, and the weekends still not over.

Day 1:
12 noon – Sam and I drove the 5hr trip from Vancouver to Salmon Arm. Once arriving at the hotel we settled in and got to work.

We were joined by Peggy and her trainer Micky Sims for sprints. Both Peg and Mik were on their bikes as it was Peggy’s rest day, so they ran alongside up encouraging us the whole session.

We did 3 laps around a 2km route, sprinting from light post to light post. The whole route included both uphill and downhill, with a long climb at the end.

That evening Sam and I hit the hot tub and went to bed.

Day 2:

7:30am – Peggy joined us for a repeat on our sprints and then it was off for breakfast. Toast with peanut butter, banana and yogurt. My legs are now exhausted and stiff.

10am – We hit the gym for weights and intervals. I’ve never done such a seriously had interval work out on an elliptical trainer, but this was seriously so hard I thought I was going to pass out and fall off. Some how I managed to pull through and finish the workout.

Next it was an intense weight lifting session (chest and arms) for the next 2hrs.

12 noon we had homemade haystacks (tortilla chips, beans, lettuce, salsa and low fat sour cream) then it was back to the hotel for a nap! And man was it needed – I was completely exhausted. I couldn’t even imagine being back at the gym for sparring at 2pm.

2pm – Somehow Sam and I made it back to the gym and got 10 rounds of sparring in. Surprising I felt great, and probably sparred one of my better days. By the 10th round I was defiantly feeling my legs however, and we decided to throw in the towel when I got a head in the nose by Micky.

Now I’m nursing a little cut and a big bruise, but we’re still planning on climbing back in the ring at 6pm tonight. Sam will be sparring a young lady her age as well.

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