I often get asked how I got involved in boxing.  It’s a valid question considering no one in my family boxed and non of my friends participated in the sport.  I kind of fell into boxing when I lived in Calgary.  I moved to Calgary in 2003 for school.  I was attending Alberta College of Art and Design.  Moving from Vancouver I was a huge outdoor enthusiast.  I’d just left a boyfriend who was my partner in crime in activities such as mountain biking, road riding, and skiing.  Besides that I loved to run and was starting to compete in marathons and triathlons.

While living in Calgary I continued my running and my triathlon training, however as the weather got colder it became harder and harder to train outdoors.  As soon as the snow fell I couldn’t ride my bike outside, and setting it up on my trainer indoors was only so fun.  I continued to run, but found slipping around in the snow and having my eye lashes freeze together was hazardous to my health and so my runs became shorter and fewer…  I started to notice that I was putting on some “winter insulation” and that was the breaking point.

In November I signed up for a boxing class at the University of Calgary.   It was a challenge to say the least, however I thoroughly enjoyed it and by the time I returned to Vancouver for my  winter break my “insulation” was gone.

During my month home I started the boxing classes with my friend Rosalia Calla at William Griffin Rec Center which were run by Dave Brett (he now runs Griffins Boxing in North Vancouver).

I kept up with the boxing classes while I lived in Calgary, but when the weather got better I hung up my boxing gloves and traded them in for my bike and runners.  My first Marathon was in May and my fith triathlon was 1 week after that.

Upon my return to Vancouver in April I continued with the marathon training and the triathlon training for the following year.  It wasn’t until I started having sever knee problems that I had to take a long look at my running career.

In 2004 I had knee surgery on both knees.  I went into surgery in my best shape so far, which made my recovery speedy.  I was back running within a month, and did another triathlon three months after.  However, my knees were never 100% better.  My surgeon warned me that if I didn’t slow down and cut back on my distance I would have arthritis by the time I was 30 (guess what…).

During this time Rosalia had kept up with the boxing and even joined an authentic boxing club, North Burnaby Boxing Club.  Upon hearing about my problems she encouraged me to start going with her.  She was a few months away from her first fight and wanted a training partner.  At first I only intended to join for fitness, but after a few month, and seeing Rosa fight, I’d been bitten by the boxing bug.  I’d lost almost 15lbs doing the workout, and the motions seemed to come very naturally to me.

After about 6 months at NBBC I met Dave Schuck, who at the time was Rosalia’s boxing coach.  He’d just moved back to Vancouver from Washington.  To make a long story short, we started dating in April and in May he took me on as one of his fighters at the Astoria Boxing Club.

Stay tuned for more about my first few experiences sparring, my first fight, and my boxing career thus far.

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