My physio once said to me “It isn’t the best athletes that make it to all these big competitions, like the Olympics. It’s the athlete’s who aren’t injured.” Well man, am I ever hearing that! I’ve always thought of myself as a walking accident, but for some reason I can pull it off in the ring and manage not to get hurt or do something stupid that will lead to injury. Unfortunately out of the ring is a different story.

You see the problem with boxing is that most of the time you’re on your tows, moving left to right and doing lots of skipping. There are also a lot of plyometrics and calisthenics involved in boxing cross-training, not to mention the fact that I run almost every day anywhere from 7 -18km! So foot problems are almost unavoidable. In the last six years I have had two knee surgeries and steadily suffered stress fractures, overly tight calf muscles and just recently suffered a very bad stint of shin splints (which is the worse, I’d rather have knee surgery a third time). This summer has been particular bad for injury as I had these shin splints for about six week – which inconveniently showed right at the seasons start. So what to do? Well everyone had their suggestion, rest, ice, new shoes… Ya, ya, heard all that, NOT WORKING! So finally I sucked it up and went to see my physio. We did a series of treatment that involved ultrasound, laser, message, acupuncture, massage and finally taping (which was the saving grace!) He had me up and running within a week! Thank God, I though…

Then, last week I was working as a fitness model for Sugoi. It was the first day of the shoot I was suppose to be riding a mountain bike down a trail on Seymore Mountain. Now, before I decided to box I did actually downhill mountain bike but I always road on flats. The Canondale bikes we were using had clip-less pedals on them (your feet clip to the pedal). So, smart me, when I had finished my decent I went to put my foot down, forgetting that I was clipped in and over I went spraining my ankle. All I could think was “my coach is gonna kill me!” then “Good God! I still have 6 more days left in this shoot and I have to be able to run… at a speed of 15 – 20km/hr behind a car!!! So I hit my physio again. “I have to be able to run in two day” I said.

On a side note, last year I sprained my other ankle 6 weeks before Canadian Nationals. It was a high ankle 2nd degree sprain – really bad. My physio had me running by the weeks end of treatment. I saw him every day for three weeks. I ended up going to Nationals and placed 4th.

Again, it all comes back to taping. Due to the tapping techniques I was taught I was able to reduce the swelling and give my ankle the support in order to compete. I was also able to run behind that car on the 2nd day of that photo shoot. I did a 13km run on Sunday and yesterday sparred 6 rounds and also did my plyo’s, cals and a 7km run.

I’m not trying to toot my own horn. I mean all this injury stuff can wear a girl down. In fact I’ve gotten so depressed I’ve thought about tossing in the towel… But my love for the sport and my sick determination somehow helps me fight through the pain.

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