When I first started to search for sponsorship so I could dedicate myself to this sport full time I was told that I’d have to market the crap out of myself. This was a little hard to embrace as I’m usually a fairly modest person, and that would mean a lot of tooting my own horn and talking about myself. I know I’m not the best boxer in the world – yet – and I’ve had struggles and setbacks along the way. So what excuse or right do I have to talk about myself and promote myself like I’m something great?

I have debt with those close to me who, when I first started to promote myself call me arrogant and conceited. I’m sure a lot of people out there have even thought that but never said anything. However, a funny thing happened over time… For every person that doubted me, two wanted to support me! It’s actually blowing my mind. I’ve had complete strangers coming up to me asking how they can help! And the greatest result of sharing my goals and experiences with other is that it solidifies them even more. Now that I’m telling people “this is what I want” I have to work all that much harder to get it. I can’t quit now because people are counting on me!

In the last two month I’ve gained 3 new sponsors who are so excited about what I’m doing with FLAG and with boxing that it makes me excited. I’m also being asked to start inspirational speaking to women’s groups and youth! This is something I’ve always wanted to do! The cool thing is it really gives me a scene that I’m giving back to society!

The other night I asked my coach what he thought about all the stuff I was doing in order to obtain sponsorship and support. He’s probably been one of my biggest challengers along this new path that I’ve taken. His response was “At first I thought you were being ridiculous. I thought you were building yourself up into something you’re not. But then I’ve realized that I was actually scared and didn’t understand what you were trying to achieve. Most people would be scared to do what you’re doing, but you don’t care, you’re doing it anyway and you’re succeeding! I’m proud of you!”

Okay, so maybe I sound a bit goofy or even arrogant for sharing that, but the truth is it makes me happy. Dave was seriously one of my biggest criticizers and to have him acknowledge that what I’m doing is good makes me not only happy, but relieved.

So I’d like to conclude that I’m not conceited (but I never thought I was). Conceit is a result of fear and lack of believe in oneself and a lack of authenticity. I do have fears, but I’m not afraid to admit them. And above all I do believe in myself! And am I authentic? Well I obviously wouldn’t be writing this blog if I wasn’t!

One comment on “Does promoting myself make me conceited?

  • Hi, I just want you to know that I like your blog post on shameless self-promotion. I was fortunate to learn the benefits of self-promotion, through, work, efore I had to apply it for my own ventures, so it wasn’t so bad. Like you, I had to talk myself out of thinking that I should eb at a certain level before “talking myself up.” Now I know that is crap, LOL. I learned a valuable lesson that you do NOT have to wait for any ducks to be in a row, before you start working on your level of exposure. I did a fitness physique competition and at first thought I should only create a Facebook Fanpage if I get a trophy (top 3.) I also thought I would have to have super pro pics before I started promoting myself as an athlete. Now I know it doesn’t matter – nobody seems to notice that I only have on competition under my belt, or that I didn’t place in the top 3. They just see that I did well, and looked cofident and prepared in my pics. I also thought I couldn’t possibly label myself as an MMA enthusiast/public figure until I had more knowledge behind me. I soon realized it was silly to think that way, since everyone I have a conversation with about fighting seems to know half as much as I do about fighters and MMA cultre – that is a start. You just have to get in the game when you can, and then when you reach epic levels in your success, you will already have a great support system/following of fans. Good for you for going out of your comfort zone and creating a great page : )

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