I’ve always wondered what a full time athlete actually does all day. I would imagine that it’s impossible to train for 8 hours a day. You would end up in the hospital sooner then later. However now that I am full time athlete I do know what I, myself would do. I  started doing Yoga… Read More

I was really attracted to this post by Michael Boyle as he talks alot about using agility ladder training, which is one thing I’ve used often to improve my footwork for boxing.  I also found his take on “foot speed” and “leg strength” really interesting.  He comments that “fast feet don’t use the ground well… Read More

My physio once said to me “It isn’t the best athletes that make it to all these big competitions, like the Olympics. It’s the athlete’s who aren’t injured.” Well man, am I ever hearing that! I’ve always thought of myself as a walking accident, but for some reason I can pull it off in the… Read More

I have spent the last three years of my boxing career being ONLY accountable to myself. Now, I’m not saying this isn’t a good thing, because it really is! I am pretty strong willed and I can push myself pretty hard and be pretty strict with myself. I’ve got way to much drive and I’m… Read More