Day 1 – Tuesday – heading to Palm Springs, CA This by far must have been one of the worst traveling experiences in my life! I’ve been looking forward to this trip for weeks! The team and I are staying in La Quinta, CA for 6 days, 3 of those which will be dedicated to… Read More

Yesterday I posted our first half of the training camp, and left off with me getting hit in the face, with Mickey’s head… Day 2 cont… 4pm – Sam and I returned to our hotel room tired but pumped.  Sam was extremely excited to be sparring this new young lady and I was pleased with… Read More

So this weekend Sam and I headed out to Salmon Arm to do a training camp with professional boxer, and my favorite female boxer and friend, Peggy Maerz. It’s been a hell of a weekend so far and I can truly say that I’ve never actually worked this hard, and the weekends still not over.… Read More

Over the Easter long-weekend I decided to go for a run around the Vancouver Seawall, which is about 10km long and circles around Stanly Park. You might say that my first mistake was to actually attempt to run around the sea wall on a holiday weekend, as it is, in fact a tourist attraction. But… Read More

Every athletes arch nemesis – well besides injury that is – would have to be the flu!  24 hours before I was feeling great. I sparred 3 rounds and did a 10km run on Saturday. Woke up Sunday morning, went to yoga and within about 6 hrs couldn’t get up off the couch. Now I’m… Read More