So, I lost my fight and ended up with the bronze. It was an incredible heartbreak for me as I came to Nova Scotia with such determination to win, and I ended up letting it all fall through the cracks. I lost my contact lenses in the first round and consequently lost my nerve, lost… Read More

It’s the first day of the Nationals and as always this experience is an eye opener.  I don’t think many people realize how difficult these tournaments are for the dedicated boxer.  Besides training 2 – 4 hrs a day and having to keep up a pristine diet we have to suffer through some pretty ridiculous… Read More

And we’re off! Yes, I know, it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged… well, I’ve been busy preparing for this exact moment. I’m currently on a plane flying to Cape Breton, NS to win Gold at the Canadian Nationals. Sitting next to me is BC champ and my best bud, Rosalia. It been an… Read More

On Friday I fought in the semifinal in the Desert Showdown. I lost the fight by 1 point. You’d think I should be happy for getting that far in an international tournament, and coming so close to winning, however, the truth of it is I fought like crap! Why? I have no idea. I think… Read More

Ahhh, now this is the life. Got my book from FedEx this morning (Thanks to Rosa, my savior), made weight, saw the doctor, and now I’m lounging poolside in 35 degree weather waiting to see when I fight. I’ve been told that I got the walkover, but everything is so up in the air, we’ll… Read More