2012 was an exciting year for me with many ups and downs.  I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best things I did this year and hope it encourages you in taking steps towards your athletic and life goals in 2013. Had laser eye surgery During my stint at Nationals I lost my place… Read More

We’ve all heard the time tested phrase “get ready”.  Many of fighters and coaches in the opposite corner have muttered it to me time and time again.  “Get ready, Jaime, cause here we come!”  Ha, ha!  Well okay than!  But personally I prefer to BE ready first. What’s the difference? Well, believe it or not,… Read More

I stood behind the curtain, I could see the camera outside waiting for me to walk through and make my entrance, my first entrance ever to the ring of my professional debut.  The music started to build, The Prodigy’s Stand Up.  “Sam, wait until it builds before we walk out,” I said.  I wanted everything… Read More

I’m lying on the floor; face up and tears are streaming down my checks. I’m breathing in and out, as controlled as I can as I try to relax into the pain that’s caused by the thumbs of a 215lbs man who’s straddled above me, digging into my inter left knee, my vastus medialis. These… Read More

Now that I’m heading back to Vancouver I’ve had some time to let my feelings and my thoughts settle, look at issues from a different perspective, reflect on my own experiences and form some opinions, so today this is gonna be one of my famously opinionated blogs! Yessss!! So last night I went out for… Read More