I just made these up on the spot yesterday… They are pretty good. If you’re using plain protein powder you’ll have to add a sweeter, but if you use vanilla protein powder they will be fine on their own. 1c natural peanut butter 1c protein powder 1/2 tsp baking soda 1 mashed banana Mix well… Read More

For those who aren’t big on cottage cheese here is another option… ¼ c oats ground (use a coffee grinder, or I toss all the ingredients in my magic bullet) 1/2 c non-fat plain yogurt ¼ tsp backing powder ¼ c egg whites 1 scoop vanilla protein powder Mix all together in my magic bullet… Read More

I got this from my trainer and I just tried it yesterday. The general consensus was that it needed to be sweeter, so I’ve adjusted the recipe below to include more splenda (I only used 2tbs). However my entire audience ate it up. I did in fact come up with a crust too that is… Read More