Okay, so we’ve all heard the “secrets” to weight loss and diet, like: Eat healthy fats – ya, that doesn’t mean the whole jar of peanut butter. Try Omega 3 supplements. Get more sleep – ya, duh! Eat chocolate – ha, ha, a snickers bar a day? Ya RIGHT! Avoid GMOs (genetically modified foods) –… Read More

So the other day my mom and I were taking a leisurely walk around the West Vancouver sea wall (Man, I LOVE living here!) and we were discussing diet, more particularly my boxing diet. Now, I know a lot about diet, how to eat well and when to eat what. I’ve got making weight down… Read More

This is how I’m currently eating. It’s tapered to summer foods like berries and salads, which I love. I’ve also switched around my complex carbs (rice, pasta, oatmeal). I’m really enjoying this diet, even though it’s fairly consistent through the week. I try to give myself a 40:40:20 (protein: carbs: fats) split to help me… Read More

I’ve never been a big fan of the extreme ways boxers will try to cut weight before a competition – starve themselves out for a week before their fight, sleep, eat and breath in their sauna suite and sit for hours at a time in a steam room or sauna – Ummm, no thank you!… Read More