When I first started to search for sponsorship so I could dedicate myself to this sport full time I was told that I’d have to market the crap out of myself. This was a little hard to embrace as I’m usually a fairly modest person, and that would mean a lot of tooting my own… Read More

Yesterday I posted our first half of the training camp, and left off with me getting hit in the face, with Mickey’s head… Day 2 cont… 4pm – Sam and I returned to our hotel room tired but pumped.  Sam was extremely excited to be sparring this new young lady and I was pleased with… Read More

So this weekend Sam and I headed out to Salmon Arm to do a training camp with professional boxer, and my favorite female boxer and friend, Peggy Maerz. It’s been a hell of a weekend so far and I can truly say that I’ve never actually worked this hard, and the weekends still not over.… Read More

So, as you all know I just recently made it onto the National Team.  There will be lots of exciting travailing opportunities and I’ll be training a whole lot more, so I decided it was time to put my nose to the grindstone, start marketing myself and get some sponsors.   I want to take… Read More

A few years ago it seemed like women’s boxing had exploded all over the country and was only bound to grow.  Million Dollar Baby had just come out, and the desire for women to take part in a sport that was considered a “man’s sport” was on the rise.  There was never a shortage of… Read More