I have spent the last three years of my boxing career being ONLY accountable to myself. Now, I’m not saying this isn’t a good thing, because it really is! I am pretty strong willed and I can push myself pretty hard and be pretty strict with myself. I’ve got way to much drive and I’m also probably the hardest person on myself. But sometimes I slip up, and because I only have to answer to myself it can happen more often then I like.

Most people find it much easier to be accountable to someone else rather then themselves. This is because when you’re accountable to yourself you can justify almost anything. “Oh, it’s okay if I have a WHOLE box of cookies because today is my cheat day and really I did an extra 3km on my run and I’m going to be sparring tomorrow so it’ll make up for it”. And then what do you go and do? Eat a BOX OF COOKIES!! (yes I’ve done this… and I had to go run on my day off and I felt really guilty). When you’re accountable to someone else you don’t have as much room to screw up of justify things because you have to answer to them – and I guarantee they will NOT buy your cookie story.

So I bit the bullet and hired a personal trainer. Not just a personal trainer, but a champion body builder and fitness competitor (Dawn Allison). She was recomended by a friend of mine who competes in figure competitions and I figured she was the best when it came to knowing how it felt having to make weight and be in top shape, etc. And she really is the best. When I first met Dawn, all I could think was “Dear god! This women could eat me alive!” But after meeting her, flipping through her portfolio and seeing all her amazing success stories I decided that she was indeed the one for me.

My first meeting with her consisted of a full body composition analysis, a diet analysis and a workout analysis. We discussed my goals, my diet (which needed help – I was totally surprised), what I wanted my end result to look like (fitness model Jackie Warner), my likes and my dislikes in my workout routine (I HATE weights), and she fed it to me straight: “you may not like lifting weights, Jaime, but if you want to look like this and be this weight you’re gonna have to learn to LOVE it.” – Thank you Dawn.

My second session we spent an hour and a half going over my own personal diet plan Dawn created for me. She also taught me alot about nutrition! I always thought I knew alot, I mean I have people coming to me all the time asking about diet, but man did she ever fill me in! So now I’m eating more food then I ever thought I could and am enjoying foods that I totally thought I couldn’t (hello peanut butter)!

My third session we’ll be going over my training (weights), and I’m seriously excited to see what she comes up with for me!

The best thing about having someone to be accountable to is that I can contact her whenever I need to to ask questions, get support or have her wag her finger at me (unlike some people in my life “have a beer, Jaime. Have a Big-Mac, Jaime.”). And if I had drive to make myself proud now I have twice the drive to make her proud too.

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