Jaime was born in North Vancouver, BC Canada and continues to reside there .

As a child growing up Jaime was always very active and participated in baseball, skating, and skiing.  Because of her independent nature she was drawn to individual sports.  As a teenager she competed in downhill skiing, mountain biking and swimming.  In her early 20’s she challenged herself with marathon running and competing in triathlons.

In 2003 Jaime moved to Calgary to attend the Alberta College of Art and Design where she studied Graphic Design.  Because it was too cold in the winter to continue with her triathlon training Jaime found solitudes in the boxing classes held at the University of Calgary.   Immediately she was hooked.

In 2005, upon her return to Vancouver she joined the North Burnaby Boxing club with fellow boxer and friend  Rosalia Calla.  Jaime spent the next 8 months training under a handful of coaches at North Burnaby.

In 2006 she and her coach took over the Astoria Boxing Club as manager and head coach.  Jaime continued to train there until 2011 when she made her move to go pro.  Currently Jaime is being coached by professional boxing coach Sam Shepherd and conditioning coach Tom Taylor of T3 Athletics.

Jaime has now been competing solidly for over 7 years.  She has had over 33 competitions and is a repeating BC Champion, Best of the North West Champion, Lonsdale World Champion silver medalist and won 2 bronze medals at the Nationals.  In February 2011 Jaime earned a place on the Canadian National team at the Final Team Selection.   In September 2012 Jaime successful won her professional debut.  She continues to train and compete with hope to win a world title.

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