I love baked goods like pancakes and french toast, and they don’t have to be bad for you.  So I’ve cleaned up my fav breakfast treat – French toast. 1-2 slices bread (I get Silverhills because it’s sprouted grain and high in fiber) 2 eggs 1tbs coconut milk 1tsp vanilla 1tbs cinnimon 1c frozen berries… Read More

Every once and a while I’ll stretch beyond my own database of recipes to find new and exciting “FAT Approved” meals.  Here is a list of dinners that have my stamp of approval!  Yum! **Please note that if weight loss is your goal, have an extra serving of veg and skip the grain** Quinoa-Crusted Fish… Read More

Okay, so we’ve all heard the “secrets” to weight loss and diet, like: Eat healthy fats – ya, that doesn’t mean the whole jar of peanut butter. Try Omega 3 supplements. Get more sleep – ya, duh! Eat chocolate – ha, ha, a snickers bar a day? Ya RIGHT! Avoid GMOs (genetically modified foods) –… Read More

I prefer steel cut oats because of the health benefits, but a lot of my clients don’t have time to prep these in the AM.  So I’ve given you two options, both prepared the night before. Hot Steel Cut Oatmeal The night before, bring your milk to a boil and throw your steel cut oats.… Read More

These also work well as meat marinades. Honey Mustard Dressing Ingredients: 4 tablespoons light flavored oil (such as grapeseed or safflower oil) 3 tablespoons prepared yellow mustard, no sugar added 3 tablespoons honey 1 – 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar (to taste) 1 pinch salt to taste Directions: Whisk all ingredients together in a medium… Read More